Monday, August 5, 2013

The Secret Is Gratitude

The last post here was about 13 months ago. I was five months pregnant at the time, and now I have a beautiful, healthy 8 month old baby girl.

Man, having a baby is hell on blogging. :-)

But, a routine has reestablished itself and I'm back, feeling again like I have some things to say. I've been through some crazy things over the past few months, some traumatic, some amazing, and some just mundane.

But through all that, I've been following a plan that has kept me growing, evolving, and believing in the possibility of bliss and a rich life today, right now. And, the more I live this way, the more I believe that it speaks to the great myths and ancient wisdom traditions that point to the truth of bliss being here, always available, no matter the circumstances.

Today, I am living a life I consider to be a dream, not because it looks like something in the movies. It is a far richer, yet more humble dream: I work doing work that I love, for a few hours a week, and the rest of the time, I am with my beautiful and amazing children and my seriously fantastic (and yummy!) husband.

This dream would not be possible without the help of others, it's true, but it also isn't only chance. I have worked in many ways, consciously and unconsciously to design a life where help slots into place and is available for me to take advantage.

I want to say more about this as I go along here in this space. I look at my life, and while not perfect by any means, it is a life I deeply, deeply appreciate and feel gratitude for.

And, the thing is, every life, no matter the circumstances, deserves appreciation and gratitude. It is not too much to say that deep, abiding gratitude for what is here, for who you are, for what is, is the secret to finding bliss.

That's all I'll say for now. I hope to see you back here for more. In the comments, feel free to tell me what you are deeply and wildly grateful for right now.



Anonymous said...

I am deeply and wildly grateful that you've written this post! It is good to 'hear' your voice. I am also grateful for the timing of this post, as I had a really crappy day yesterday. Which makes me realize I'm also grateful that the crappy days number far fewer than the good ones and that at least some of that is due to my choices and outlook. Congratulations on achieving a rich life, full of bliss!

Tiffany Hamburger said...

thanks so much for your comment, your gratitude and for being here! I'm also sorry to hear that you had such a crappy day the other day. On those days, it's so hard to feel gratitude, much less even recognize it. I think that's the practice. I hope you are doing better and I hope to see you soon. (Having babies is hell on social outings, too!) :-)


Anonymous said...

I am doing better, thank you.

I have been meaning to get in touch for a while. I am happy as can be that you're back to blogging!! We should figure out a time to meet, but until then, this is super. :)