Monday, November 2, 2009

Flight Level 390

Wow, I totally missed October, didn't I? Ah well, I'm back for the beginning of November, anyway, and ready to type.

Lately I've actually been wondering if it's time for me to move on from this blog and start a new project. I don't know what the answer is yet--and feel free to send me your vote--but the reason is that I am so much happier in my current career that I don't feel nearly as compelled to write about how to escape a bad job or life situation.

That's pretty self-centered of me, isn't it? I'm happy, so why worry about all the people who are in the position I was in only a year or so ago? Well, trust me, I still care, but I lack the immediate experience of misery as a motivation.

I still believe strongly in working out what you are suited for and how to follow a path that is the truest and best and most authentic one for you, but lately my ideas have gone beyond the workplace and career.

Still, I don't want to wander aimlessly and drift about, writing abstract, meandering posts about all the big philosophical and societal stuff that interests me, because then this would just be a navel-gazing blog and all about me, rather than about the reader's experience.

Recently, I discovered a blog that has totally captivated me. It's called Flight Level 390 and I can't tell you how amazing I find it. It's written by an airline captain, and it is the most compelling writing I've read in a long time, in either web or print. I have no idea if others will find it as interesting, especially as I am biased toward aviation topics (my dad was a pilot), but he's doing something here that I think is maximizing the potential of a blog. He's capturing something real, but distilling it into something beautiful and breathtaking. I guess I'd like to make sure my blog is doing something as fresh and as real, or otherwise, what's the point?

Anyway, I'd love to hear from you. What's on your mind? What do you think--what do you want from this blog? Is it time for me to move on? What do you still want to think about, talk about? Where does the topic of bliss finding rank for you these days?

I'm all ears, because I believe in listening. So talk to me, and trust me, you will be heard.


InfamousMars said...

I just found your blog earlier today. Seems to be exactly what I need at the moment. I'm gonna make a couple tacos, then read through backdated posts in a bit.

From what I've read sofar, I'm sure I'll be riveted. Would be disappointed if there wasn't anymore to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

I've spent so long considering my response, it seems you've come up with the answer on your own - which I'm sure is a pretty common occurrence for a smartie like you!

I was going to say something along the lines of, "Even though you've found your Bliss, and you know your path, there are always challenges, exhilarations, and new insights into what it means to be consciously engaged in living life. These things may not fall into the 'How To' bucket, but I'll bet they'll still be worth sharing. Since life is an iterative process, it seems to me that a practical guide to finding Bliss would be a bit cyclical, as well: here is striving, here is attainment, here is new striving, new attainment, and so on." Given that your latest posts (which I've only just skimmed because I'm *supposed* to be working on my novel!) approach some of the pitfalls of even a Blissful life, I think you have reached the same conclusion I did.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to share your insights!


Anonymous said...

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