Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome to Gimme Bliss

Oh, hooray. Another blog. From someone who has something to say. Someone who wants to dispense advice and life wisdom.

How could this possibly change your life?

Well, if I do my job well (which I intend to) and if what I have to offer has value (which I believe it does), just maybe it will. That's my aim. And you'll be here and you'll let me know one way or the other, and just maybe it will change my life for the better too.

After all, I believe one path toward bliss involves remaining open to possibility. So let's say to hell with it together: What have we got to lose, and what a life we may gain!

Oh, and the name of this blog. I believe we're all meant to live our bliss, and if that means we need to go out and get it for ourselves, then OK. We'll go out and find it, dammit! Sure as hell ain't no one going to find our bliss for us.

One of the best guides I've had on my journey is the late mythology scholar Joseph Campbell, who is perhaps most famous for the quote: "Follow your bliss." I'll explore what that meant to him and what it means to the rest of us in the future. Campbell has a specific concept of what bliss means, and it's his definition I'm embracing.

I'm also riffing on my very favorite album in the last few years, Gimme Fiction, by the band Spoon. That album has been a great source of mystery and inspiration for me on my journey.

So there you have it. Gimme Bliss. Welcome.

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